Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few Things

First, my 'puter died a few days ago, or at least is very sick. It's in the hospital and there is no diagnosis as of yet. Sooooo, I've managed to hook up an old painfully slow clunker of a computer. So anyway, here goes.

Second, great video of Glenn Beck interviewing Geert Wilders. (h/t Israpundit) How anyone can suggest that Gilders is on the wrong side of things, is beyond me.

You might want to check out this from Israpundit, too. Double Standard: Le Pen is welcome in Britain, Wilders is not

And third. Is there anyone out there that didn't see this coming? You're a fool if you didn't.

Hamas firing rockets into Israel
"Terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 65 rockets and mortars at Israel since the ceasefire began last month. Not all of the terrorists are Hamas operatives. There are multiple terrorist groups in Gaza."
You're also a fool if you don't believe this: Livni: Iran arms trading one of the main problems And, yay Cyprus!!

Finally, I sure hope this is legit: Iraqi professor asks Israel for shipment of Hebrew books

Have I told you lately what my theory is about the real reason for the Iraq war? A might of a leap, mind you, but I still think it might have been part of the mix. So here it is again. Saddam Hussein was one of the, if not THE, biggest supporters of terror against Israel. The decision to take him out was, in part, in my humble opinion, to put Israel in a position where it owed the US bigtime, and would/should be willing to make concessions to settle with the Palestinians.

Of course, the Pals, with their various permutations of anti-Israel "Jews are pigs and dogs" ideology, will do anything to prevent that from happening and the various dictators, kingdoms and theocrats have a vested interest in seeing that the status quo is maintained.

Israel needs to take out the Mad Mullahs, NOW!!


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