Sunday, January 04, 2009

Iranian American Blogger

I just discovered, via The Spirit of Man, a fairly new Iranian American blogger. He's a young guy, born in the USA. He has this to say about Iran's recent crackdown on what little free speech exists in that country:
"Gotta love the IRI, and their stance on free speech. Recently an Iranian newspaper was shut down for criticizing Hamas. Kargozaran was a newspaper started, and ran by students. The publication was shut down this Wednesday for a piece that, according to the IRNA:

"..justifies the Zionists regime's crimes against humanity in Gaza and portrays the Palestinian resistance as terrorists who cause the deaths of children and civilians by taking up position in kindergartens and hospitals."

I had no idea that criticizing terrorists who would rather blow themselves up for justice, than actually do something productive for their people, was something that just HAD to be silenced. Groups like Hamas only add to Palestinian, or should I say Israeli-Arab, troubles. If what I know is correct, it was the Arab states that started all this in the first place was it not? Israel was only a nation for 24 hours before the Arabic states were at it's doorsteps. It was the Arab leaders who persuaded many Israeli-Arabs to move from their homes, to flee, to not acknowledge Israel as a nation.

If one wants to see "crimes against humanity" why don't we look at the Arab nations who contain Israeli-Arab refugees (Jordan is an exception) , and refuse to offer them help, but only use them as a propaganda tool against Israel?

I guess there really is no place for free speech under sharia law. Very sad."


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