Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This is Democracy?

From a commenter at Small Dead Animals:


Do you think Canada would be better served by a coalition government?

Yes 22.72 %

No 77.28 %


An NDP-Liberal coalition would:

Reflect the will of the people 4674 votes (27 %)

Be nothing more than a power grab 12842 votes (73 %)


Would you support a coalition government?

"Yes, of course" has the same # of votes as "No, I'd rather go to the polls" (about 25% each)

"The Conservatives should stay in power" is way ahead with about double those two, and "Only if Dion wasn't in charge" has a good 10% or so.

Toronto Star

Do think a Liberal-NDP coalition with Bloc support would lead to good government?

Yes 2755 39%

No 3897 56%


Do you support a proposed coalition government?

Yes, it's a good solution (230) 29%

No, we need to go back to the polls (89) 11%

No, just let Stephen Harper and the Tories govern (468) 59%

Total Votes: 787

I've sent a message to the Governor General pleading with her not to hand over our country to socialists and separatists. The Governor General's contact information is here. Do it today!!


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