Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Proof is in the Pudding

For all those Milquetoast Leftists who proclaim confidently that torture doesn't work, I invite you to watch this:

Any half witted tool should be able to understand that if torture did not produce genuine, actionable intelligence that results in the gathering of more evidence, real suspects, real discoveries of things like ammunitions caches, graves, and can lead to solid cases that can end in a slam dunk court case, it would be deemed a waste of time. This notion that people will say anything the torturers want to hear just to get the torture to stop and that what they say, therefore, cannot be believed is denying reality. Said fools with less than half a wit should seek redress from their indoctrinators. Of course they won't, but what else is new.

Oh, and waterboarding and parading naked men around on leashes is not quite the same as cutting off hands, gouging out tongues and eyes and dragging someone along a road behind a vehicle until his flesh is ripped off. And you may have noticed that the perps who pulled off the Abu Ghraib fiasco were tried and convicted. Funny that doesn't happen in the Arab and Muslim world, but then why would it if dragging someone to their death is at the behest of the Big Man. I might add, that the pictures in the torture manual at the links earlier in this paragraph are precisely the kind of thing that went on at Abu Ghraib during Papa Saddam's era. Where was your outcry then, may I ask?

In 1958, when he was thirteen years old, my ex witnessed the dragging technique during the so-called "revolution" in Iraq which overthrew the king. Needless to say, it was a soul disturbing experience, but folks, that is the Arab Nationalist's (aka Ba'athist's) way as well as the al Qaeda way. In fact, I'm certain those torture techniques, the illustrations of which are at the links above, are not al Qaeda inventions. They are the product of the backward, retrograde culture in so much of the house of Islam. For the verbal expression of that backward, retrograde culture you need look no further that to the words of one of our very own Canadian Imams, who apparently finds favour with Canada's Human Rights Commission. And if that's not good enough, take a stroll though some of the abundant Memri TV clips to hear what the Arab and Muslim masses get to watch on the state controlled telly.

h/t Pat Dollard


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