Friday, December 19, 2008

In the Beginning There Was Catty Catnip

I started this blog in response to being banned by the Catty Catnip, a sniveling little woman who can't get over herself and is condemned to blurting out leftist screeds all day long on her blog Liberal Catnip. Funny that someone visiting my blog today using search terms 9/11 and changed politics, or something like that, came across an old entry on this blog. Using sitemeter to find out who visited, where they came from, what parts of the blog they landed on, etc., I discovered that that visitor landed here. The three entries on that page are still a great read. Kind of a window into the world of the lunatic left as personified by the Catty Catnip herself.

Just out of curiosity, I visited Catty Catnip's blog again. Turns out she was raised in an alcoholic home. That explains a few things. Children of alcoholics are rarely unscathed and their journey through life can be considerably more difficult than those who have had healthy, nurtured, loving and responsible parenting. I do hope some year she will find peace and contentment.


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