Tuesday, October 07, 2008

To Start Your Day Off Wrong...

...try reading these headlines:

Accused in Bus Killing Fit to Stand Trial

Man accused in Greyhound beheading due in court

Beheading accused fit to stand trial

"Accused"?????!!! Thirty+ witnesses and a confession and he's only accused?

And how about this?

Note the article refers to the victim as Indo-Canadian. Why is it acceptable to cite a person's race or ethnicity if there is a possibility of accusing the police of wrong doing, but strictly forbidden, if the person being handled by the police is suspected or accused of wrong doing? I feel very sorry for this man and those who loved him. I also feel sorry for the police who made what seems to me to be a reasonable assumption and took appropriate action. It's just that the media is so two faced and biased, it makes me sick.


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