Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Afternoon's Cruising

In between shopping and housework I've been cruising various blogs and following links and I've accumulated a number of articles (blog and otherwise) that are worth a comment or two.

Here's the first, from Girl On the Right. She writes about yet another American who mistakenly thought Canada was still a socialist la la land and sought to avoid going to war by deserting and heading north. His excuse was he didn't realize he might be expected to torture people. Riiiiiight.

But Wendy has the goods on him. Turns out he's a lying bastard as well as a coward. He made the mistake of allowing the Toronto Star to interview him and the Star put its article on its website. Folks who knew him back home learned about it and got to tell the whole story. Go read Wendy's intro and follow the link.

Next up, was this. Japan would be a great choice for the UN Security Council. Note that Iamamadjerk is livid. Added benefit, that. On the other hand, if Iran gets the seat, maybe that would be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. There would be no point pretending any further that the UN serves any useful purpose. Time to pull the plug. I'm pretty sure McCain can and will do it. In the meantime, Japan has determined that there is not much need for them to continue what they've been doing in Iraq (providing logistical support) and is considering going home.

Moving right along, the Brits are kicking ass in Afghanistan. I guess their political masters have figured out that pussy-footing and playing nicey-nice with fascists results in disaster and this time they're doing it right. Hopefully the Brits won't turn tail and run like they did almost a century ago.


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