Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peer Review, Schmeer Review

Over at Celestial Junk a "debate" was going on about the nature of peer review. Yes, the Warmists were at it again. Paul was doing a pretty good job against some dude calling himself ScruffyDan. I posted the following comment on the discussion thread. So far there's no response. I don't expect one, since Paul has put several other posts up since then and the ScruffyDan types don't want to have their sacred cows slaughtered. THEN....(continued below the quote)...
"I've personally witnessed the sham that is peer review, or at least the decline of it. During the 1970s and early 80s all sorts of new departments sprang up in universities across North America in areas that were then voguish radical chic issues - Native Studies and Women's Studies and the like. I presume environmental studies was probably similar, since environmentalism was a political cause celebre as fashionable as any other at the time.

No only that, but all kinds of new universities, as well, sprang up, the U of R being one (used to be just the Regina Campus of the U of S). And in the cut-throat rush propelled by the publish or perish paradigm, many of them began publishing their own academic journals. Guess who was peer reviewing who's journal articles?

Basically, it was an incestuous gang of you pat my back and I'll pat yours cause we all believe in the same leftist ideology and it's our duty to indoctrinate whenever and however we can. That's when principle of peer review went down the toilet, as far as I'm concerned. It was the equivalent of different bureaus of Pravda "fact checking" each other."
Expat Texan came out with this ZINGER!!!! This is a guy who does peer reviews and is peer reviewed and he works in a science area, not a social science.



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