Sunday, July 27, 2008

Iraqi Judge Recalls Hussein's Trial... a turning point.

The man is in Washington on a fellowship and was interviewed for the Washington Post.
"For Juhi, the trial of Hussein marked a turning point in Iraqis' perception of their country's justice system. For decades, they had been terrorized by obscure, secretive courts directly linked to an absolute ruler."
"This trial," Juhi said, "laid the groundwork for a new philosophy for Iraqis -- respect of human rights, rights of suspects to a fair trial, whoever they are and regardless of the cruelty or viciousness of their crimes," he said. At the same time, he added, "no matter how high someone's position is and how much power he has at his command, one of these days he will be held accountable."
"In March 2003, U.S.-led troops invaded Iraq. "A scary time," Juhi recalled. "We were stuck in the middle." He had to leave Najaf to protect his family, he said, and returned to Baghdad to find out whether he still had a job. To his surprise, he did: "According to the Geneva Conventions and the laws of war, U.S. troops did not have the right to make us resign."
"We need the opportunity to change. Iraq is a strong country. I ask that you stay with the good people of Iraq to give us that chance."


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