Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hameed Abid Updates Us

One more post and I'll call it a day. Over at Iraq the Model, an old ITM fan from Britain, Hameed Abid, speaks about progress in his native land. Two of his comments are very interesting.

First, he says this about the relationship between Israel and Iraq and other Arab countries (typos in the original):
"Our Current Iraqi President Talabani has shaken hands with the Israeli Leader Ehud Barak in Athens after Mahmoud Abbas introduced him to him.

He went there not as the Iraqi President but as representative of his own Kurdish party.

All hell was let loose and the Iraqi President was told he should give evidence in Parliament for his apparent misdeed by jounalists from Arab countries some whith diplomatic relations with Israel.

What a load of Rubbish this is?

Iraq should ignore these calls and go ahead and sign a peace treaty with Israel as soon as possible.

We have had enough of this hypocratic behaviours by our politicians.

Iran received arms from Israel/USA- 'do you remember 'Iran Gate' to kill Iraqis with. Egypt has an Ambassador in Israel, Jordan has one too, Mauretania has another. Arab Tourists go there. trade is boomiong between all these three countries and Israel. The ruler of Qatar received Peres in his Palace, Syria is negtiating- open secret - with Israel via Turkey for now, the Palestinians for whom Iraq and the rest of the Arab world, lost a lot are trading with Israel daily, billions of dollars worth.

The King of Saudi Arabia instituted a move for peaceful negotiations with Israel not long ago.

What is all this noise and empty and stupid cries for? I do not really understand?

Please leave Talabani alone. he is probably the most sincere Iraqi patriot amongst the Iraqis so far.

Isn't it better for the Iraqi parliament to concentrate on more pressing issues required by the Iraqi people like security and water and electricity and employement and health care, rather than busy itself with such cases that could mean it is dealing with Hypocracy rather than with higher people's needs.

Isn't it time that some of the currrent useless memebers of Parlaiment shown the door?

I pray and hope that the Iraqi people will give them a bloody nose in the next election and clean out the dead wood."
In the second comment, he tells us a bit about the United Arab Emirates, which really is one of the more liberal and open societies in the Arab world. Still a kingdom, of course, but very attentive to the needs of its citizens. This is what Hameed reports about that country:
"Today the UAE cancelled approx. $7b. of debts on Iraq.

Thank you respected Shaikhs. May God protect you all for the benefit of your great people and country.

We look to the honour and pleasure to receive your Ambassador in Baghdad as soon as possible.

As Iraqis we are blessed to take part in building the Emirates with our skills and professionalism. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work in your generous UAE from time to time.

Now it will be our turn to receive you amongst us in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq as honoured guests and great and dear brothers."
Thanks, Hameed, for providing that very encouraging take on Middle Eastern politics. The future looks like it could be very much better than the past.

Hameed also gives a link to this story and shows a picture of the reopened swimming pool. Yes. Life is returning to normal.


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