Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grim Analysis

UPDATE: Something is definitely afoot. Is this a campaign of disinformation and confusion, or is it the real thing?
"The UK's Guardian newspaper reports the US plans to open an interests section in Tehran, its first diplomatic presence in the country for 30 years."
Maybe the plan is to surround Iran with armies at the ready. The Iraqi forces, coalition forces in Afghanistan, etc. Yup. Things are definitely being rearranged.

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There's talk all over the place about the sabre rattling between Iran and various other parties (Israel, the US, France, etc.) Then there is this analysis.
"If forced into a nuclear war (God forbid), Israel would probably aim for Tehran, a city of 15 million situated Cordesman says “in a topographical basin with mountain reflector. Nearly ideal nuclear killing ground.”

The great unknown is this: How crazy is the Iranian regime?"
All the more disturbing is the latest posting by The Spirit of Man.
"Unfortunately, it seems the Iranian regime's effort to brainwash the masses has been really successful since almost every body has told my friend that US or Israelis are too weak to attack Iran or the Islamic regime is too strong for the weakened Americans to handle. This could stem from what AEI's Michael Rubin has constantly warned us about: Iran's over confidence. The regime has basically taken advantage of people's naivety and has made them believe that Iran, a country of corruption and repression, is superior and no one can touch it."
This has been quite a week for news regarding that country. Phony photoshopped missile launches. The successful escape to the US of one of the more well known dissidents. Now this news from Winston. It's hard to imagine that a bomb will be loosed on Tehran. Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place only after three years of all out war and hundreds of thousands had already died. Yet the sabre rattling is hard to deny.


Blogger Indigo Red said...

I heard on a talk radio show that Iranian women are leaving Iran in large numbers.

The news is that Iran's only woman Olympic athelete disappeared in Italy on July 4. Her baggage and passport are also gone. Theory is she is seeking asylum.

And the majority on young men are under 16 years old. The population is in decline, the country is surrounded by hostile nations and the mullahs are scared to death.

Desperation leads to many bad outcomes.

July 13, 2008 10:13 pm  

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