Thursday, May 29, 2008

Moving Right Along...

UPPERDATE: Iraq Pundit concurs.

UPDATE: While the leftosphere salivates over its latest Bushhitler victory, the Iraqi army marches into Sadr City to the cheers and jubilation of its residents.
"And at sunrise on May 20, a legion of Iraqi soldiers cautiously marched into Sadr City. Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki had ordered the thousands of soldiers into the Shiite enclave as part of "Operation Peace." They were greeted with open arms.

"Now, we feel safe and stable," said Ayad Abbas, a Sadr City resident. "All the people of Sadr City want the rule of law … so, the army can enter" said another."
At last, that hotbed of violence, Sadrists, Islamofascists and general all round criminal class has been dealt with. It has indeed been a good week for Iraq.

Eat that, McLellan. It's not about you.


More good news from Iraq.

Iraq's Maliki asks for debt cancellation

Many Western nations, Canada among them, vowed to cancel the odious debt owed them by Saddam Hussein's Iraq -Iraqi People Shouldn't Pay Saddam's Bills - but were waiting to see whether Iraq would stabilize and the new form of government take root. Maliki, it seems, thinks the time has come to make good on that promise. I hope Canada will step up.

I rather like this statement, too:
"We are looking forward to the brother countries writing off its (Iraq's) debts, which are a burden on the Iraqi government," he said, a pointed reference to Gulf states Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which are Iraq's biggest Arab creditors."
Go Iraq!!!


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