Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tom Lukiwski and the NDP

Should Lukiwski resign? A blog that I visit occasionally has a very interesting take:
"I congratulate you on dealing with this growing issue so quickly. It is exactly what needed to take place. I understand you also spoke in the House of Commons Friday morning to apologize formally. You have stood up to the challenge and I appreciated your words. They came from deep within you.
This whole incident smells as bad as Limburger cheese does. What I mean there is. You were set up. Your privacy was invaded. It was done for political reasons and only those who produced these tapes know why.

Events that happened that long ago certainly pale to the man you are today. Stand tall and go forward."
and links to a great article from the National Post.
"From watching the video, it's unclear whether Mr. Lukiwski was simply riffing on his own homophobic opinions -- or if he was attempting some sort of crude, ill-advised satire of someone else's homophobia, or of homophobia at-large. His subsequent suggestion that his views be distributed as part of Mr. Devine's "campaign literature" suggest the latter may be possible. (Editorial writers have been known to entertain running gags about putting this or that shocking comment into a published editorial -- the more outrageous the comment, the funnier the gag.)"
"In 1991, the Supreme Court of Canada had not yet recognized sexual orientation as a basis for equal protection under our Charter of Rights. And bald-faced homophobia was, if not accepted in mainstream society, often tolerated. In fact, many Canadians still regarded homosexuality as a lifestyle choice rather than what it is -- a hard-wired aspect of a person 's identity, little different from their race or sex."
As I predicted on other blogs, this incident is going to blow up in the face of Patty Atkinson and her longtime friends, the purveyors of political correctness. It will generate a long overdue public debate about yet another one of those sacred cows that the left uses to beat people into cowering politically correct submission. (Speaking of which, I wonder how the apparatchik will deal with Bill Siksay, that despicable turncoat.)

Later today, I'll do my bit to fight back by stating my position on the whole gay rights movement and particularly its lunatic fringes, which the left, of course, has embraced. Stay tuned.


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