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Picking at Scabs

A while ago I was listening to the Hugh Hewitt show via the net. He interviewed Michael Medved and it was from that conversation that I got the title of this blog entry. The discussion between these two talk show hosts centered on Barack Obama and on the persistence of people who still, today, a hundred and forty years later exploit the slavery era in American history. Medved referred to this behavior as "picking at scabs". What an apt description!

Those who do it do so, so as not to allow healing, closure and moving on. These are the folks like Obama's pastor, the Reverend Wright with his vile hate-whitie rhetoric, like Jesse Jackson, and indeed, Michelle Obama, a graduate of Harvard who still thinks she is entitled to whine about how oppressed she has been due to her color.

Anyway, these past two weeks we have had a scab picking festival here in Saskatchewan unlike any I have ever seen. It started with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nation's decision to reinstate the hate-mongering David Ahenakew to the FSIN senate. This raised such a brouhaha that something had to be done about it. Presto!! A 16 year old film surfaced showing members of the then Conservative Party, featuring a now sitting member of Parliament, Tom Likiwski, and the now Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, with some juicy highly politically incorrect comments by them and several others.

A theory has been advanced by Lance (owner of Catprint in the Mash blog) that the disclosure of that film at this precise moment was to deflect attention away from the FSIN. If Lance is correct, then the so called homophobia (stupid word, by they way) of MP Tom Likiwski, assuming it's true, which is highly unlikely, pales by comparison.

The FSIN has spent the past thirty some odd years picking at scabs and they have no intention of quitting. The NDP has been with them every step of the way. They are partners in the crime of victimizing the rank and file First Nation person, pretending, as they do, that money from Ottawa or from Regina is needed to overcome the problems First Nations people face. But what the FSIN really wants is money they can use to further their own political careers. That has been shown time and time and time again.

My hope is that this incident will a) put an unmendable dint in the industry of political correctness; b) hasten the end of the political party that has promoted it for so many, many years; and c) be the end of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

The homophobia thing was a lovely red herring, but I'm not buying it. Not only is the argument trumpeted by the NDP pretty hollow, being, as it is, based on a stupid four second comment by a man who is half cut, but it's also a cheap shot by a cheap party that is pretty much a spent force. They have stooped so low that they, yes, the NDP, not the Conservatives or the Saskatchewan Party, are the ones dragging their knuckles.

When the day comes that the so called victims upon whose backs the NDP and the FSIN have stood while they pontificate their PC nonsense can actually speak for themselves and will no longer have politicians making excuses for them (all the while lining their own pockets), then and only then will First Nations people lift themselves - yes, that right, it's "themselves" - out of dregs and become whole again. Spiritual renewal does not require money. All it requires is a change of attitude and the death of the wretched ideology of victimology. In other words, a new political movement is long overdue and for that to begin, they have to topple the regimes that persist in PICKING THE SCABS!!!

As an aside, those who have knowledge of Canadian history will know that the very first socialist government in North America came to power right here in Saskatchewan. There's an old book called Agrarian Socialism, a long and boring tome, which nonetheless documents the rise of the socialist movement among farmers in Saskatchewan. It is now almost a hundred years ago when the beginnings of that movement stirred. It spread to other parts of Canada and now infests our media, which is why we still have to hear about knuckle dragging prairie folk on CTV. If and when this spent force known now as the NDP finally lies cold in its grave, then a great many other overdue course corrections will follow. Faster. Please!!

PS: an interesting discussion of this fiasco is taking place at John Murney's blog here and here.


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