Sunday, April 13, 2008

GWOT Update

Well, it's been a while since I gathered up what I could find on the GWOT (Greater War on Terror) that hasn't been too badly spun by the MSM, and this weekend there have been lots of that genre to read and digest.

First of all, Iraq: I am listening right now to Dennis Prager's talk radio show, broadcast on April 8th. He is interviewing Douglas Feith, author of a new book:

War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism

Feith gives a very interesting account of the Pentagon's planning in the lead-up to the invasion and a rather unique but compelling take on whether or not Saddam Hussein had WMD.

Second, Afghanistan:

My country is doing us proud. And at long last, France has seen the light and will be joining the sane world as we fight the good fight. Yeah, Sarkozi!!

Kouchner says Pakistan must help Kabul end violence

Canada committed to training Afghan army, police: Bernier

French, Canadian ministers pledge Afghan support

And not to forget the brave men and women of the Canadian forces who are doing what they can to help Afghans meet their considerable challenges. Here is a story of one young soldier by the name of Chelsea Braybrook:

Canadian giving voice to the voiceless in Afghanistan

Of course, none of that prevents the CBC and others of trying to put the most negative spin they can on developments in that country. It's those base and evil Americans again!! They must be knuckle draggers, too. And we're sooo superior!!

Find the spin:

U.S. marines in Kandahar will follow same rules as Canadians: Hillier

Here it is again: Spin. Spin. Spin.

Joint operations: The pros and cons of teaming up with the U.S. in Afghanistan

And speaking of negatively stark raving mad spin, you can't top this one as an example snarling, snapping, spitting leftie spin. I think the International Herald Tribune might better be called Pravda, don't you think?

Steps to take in Iraq to help the next president

I'll bet you that's where all the old Pravda writers are now.

But let's return to Iraq and get an update on Maliki's new push against the Sadrist militias:

No stopping till Sadr City secure, says Iraq

Soldiers Weed Out Sadr City Terrorists

Baghdad slum calmer after intense battles

U.S. and Iraq Kill 13 Rebels in Sadr City

Iraq Dismisses 1,300 After Basra Offensive

Iraqi Cabinet approves measure barring parties with militias from elections

Go Iraq!!!

Oh. And for an update on the recently concluded battle in Basra, read this one: Maliki drafts in 2 extra brigades to gain traction after Basra battle – The Times
"In Basra the signs of the feared militia are slowly receding. For the first time in years alcohol vendors are selling beer close to army checkpoints, and ringtones praising cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are vanishing from mobile phones. Music shops are once again selling pop tunes instead of the recorded lectures of Shiite ayatollahs."
My goodness. We can't have that, can we.

I linked to this story in an earlier post via Soldier's Dad. He was engaging in an interesting headline writing exercise, ala the MSM. Soldier's Dad also has an interesting take on booze in the Middle East, from which we can surmise what life under those religious zealots known as Islamofascists might be like. Read the comments.


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