Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pakistan: A Smashing Electoral Defeat

An excellent article by Amir Taheri at the Wall Street Journal "Islam at the Ballot Box" is worth a read.

And who said Islam is not compatible with democracy! I don't know how well the MSM covered the recent election there, but like some other more astute observers, Amir Taheri shows that the biggest victory in that election was the smashing defeat of the Islamist parties.

You can't tell me that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and sowing of the seeds of democracy in Iraq had nothing to do with this. Dictators beware. The whole world (moonbat leftists exempted, of course) has awakened to the true nature of the beast that is Islamofascism. And speaking of moonbat leftists, don't some of those percentages garnered by Islamofascists mentioned by Taheri remind you a bit of the percentages of the popular vote normally garnered in federal elections by a certain leftwing political party in Canada currently headed by Taliban Jack. Hmmmmm.

Also, thank you to the Internet and the blogosphere for making freedom a cause for which all peoples can aspire. Now, if we can just inspire the Cuban people and their new leader to follow suit.

h/t Valerie, long time calm, rational "vast right wing conspirator commentor" at Iraq the Model.


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