Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Minor Omission, the Pope and Obama

What the Islamic Scholars Forgot to Tell the Pope

Remember that letter from Islamic scholars to the Pope that so many people celebrated. Well, not so fast, according to this Pajamas Media contributor.
"The Institute [which wrote the letter], which operates a website, AlTafsir.com, which it calls “the largest and greatest online collection of Qur’anic commentary, translation, recitation, and essential resources in the world,” includes in an “Ask the Mufti” section a number of fatwas on apostasy issued by the Institute’s chief scholar, Sheikh Hijjawi, that call for the death of Christian reverts (Christians converting to Islam and then returning to the Christian faith) and Muslim apostates. Further they state that if the Christian reverts and Muslim apostates are not killed, they should be deprived of all rights and accorded the status of non-persons."
The article goes on giving in irrefutable detail a complete picture of why Muslim "Scholars" are not to be confused with theologians, but rather, should be identified for what they really are - the most vilest and virulent form of brutal totalitarian nutcases on the planet today.

Obama should beware. He was born a Muslim but is now a Christian. In other words, he is an apostate. I'm sure some fatwa somewhere has been issued calling for his death.


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