Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Oil Has Its Way, Again!

Now we all know that Exxon is raping Venezuela for the oil, don't we. Yes. And we all know that Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq for the oil, right? But geeze, who would have guessed that mother Russia would get into the act?
"Russia has agreed to write off $12bn (£6bn) of Iraqi debt built up by the regime of former leader Saddam Hussein to buy military supplies.

In return, Russian companies, including oil giant Lukoil, will be given access to invest up to $4bn in Iraq.

Lukoil is expected to develop oilfields including West Qurna, one of the country's largest."
How could Bush/Cheney have allowed this???

And, and, and, ... what's that about Russia arming the former regime of Saddam Hussein? Say it ain't so!!!


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