Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Heros

I've been reading and listening to debates about the Nut Job and his appearance at Columbia University. Perhaps the most impassioned and insightful response was from Hugh Hewitt radio broadcast at Townhall.com. He lambastes Columbian faculty for their self-indulgent duplicity, willingly being duped, allowing Nut Job to use them to manufacture propaganda points for the media run by Middle Eastern dictatorships.

This debate has reminded me of real heroes of mine, men (mostly) that I hold in high esteem. These are people who have spoken out, some of them piercing the lunacy of prevailing leftist narratives. Others led movements to overthrow oppressive regimes and preached non-violence as a method to accomplish it.

Adam Michnik is one of them. He is a man who endured the communist regime in Poland and became one of the leading voices of the Solidarnos movement. His essay in support of Bush and the war on terror has been translated into several languages and remains the singular most clearly stated summation of the fiasco that currently informs the left.

Read the essay and you'll know exactly what my position is and why I think the fools at Columbia have been had.

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