Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why I Love Blogs.

1. You can learn all kinds of stuff that the MSM doesn't tell you or tries to keep from you, like all kinds of things going on in Iraq that don't explode and kill.

2. People of like minds can collaborate and inform, providing access to information not easily obtained elsewhere.

3. One can peer into the vacant space between the ears of the lunatic left and marvel at the echo chamber that keeps repeating the same drivel over and over and over.

4. And most of all, one can witness the most stunning and hilarious coups when one astute blogger blows apart the lunatic ravings of another, such as what happened to our dear liberal catnip today, whether she knows it or not. Werner Patels on Politics & Society does a nice job of nailing her to the wall in his 3:53 and 3:58 posts.

Meanwhile, some very interesting things are happening both in Iran and in Eqypt. Rebellion and dissent are on the rise in both places. Read the Egyptian Sandmonkey's blog entries for the past couple of weeks and The Spirit of Man, for Winston's reports on the recent uprisings in his ancestral home, Iran. I firmly believe that the bold strike in Iraq initiated by Tony Blair and George Bush has had ripple effects throughout the region and it would not surprise me in the least if the regimes in both Iran and Egypt will be the next to fall.

The Middle East is in flux and with any luck, democracy will arrive sooner rather than later. There are even some interesting things happening in the Israeli-Palestine arena.

Blog that, catnip.

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